Chicago's one-stop shop for all things food processing. From deli equipment to warehousepacking supplies to servicing, CES Nationwide has it all.
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CES Nationwide offers something you won't find anywhere else: all the equipment, supplies, and packaging needed for a food processing business like a grocery store or a butcher. Not only can you buy equipment from us, you can call the same number if that equipment happens to break down, because we service what we sell.
CES is built on hard work, family values, and a dedication to providing the very best. Over the years we've grown from a small business offering slicers and scales to a mid-sized company that is capable of meeting the diverse needs of our customers. Some things haven't changed, however. When you call, we'll answer.

CES carries a wide range of premium food equipment that is trusted by thousands of grocery stores, food processing companies, and similar industries across the USA. From slicers to saws, grinders to wrappers, and many things in between – we can help you with all of your equipment needs!

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All the retail supplies you need for your business! We pride ourselves on being the food industry's one-stop shop for equipment and supplies, so we are well stocked with everything from foam trays and deli containers to vinyl gloves and t-shirt bags. You'll find these and so much more at CES Nationwide!

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When your slicer breaks down midday, what do you do? Call CES! Our certified technicians will come ready with all the parts you may need so the repair is speedy and efficient. We service everything we sell!

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Industrial Packaging

Our packaging solutions are viewed as smart business. By examining expense related to how product is packaged and delivered, we can save you money and time. Our ability to provide the supplies needed for packaging will bring about efficiencies and cost savings that you never thought possible.

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